Local Voice is the first user led organisation to engage and support resident voice in public policy.  

Our Community Insights System tracks service satisfaction over time across the integrated care system taking into account demographic segmentation, social inequalities and the wider determinants of health and wellbeing. We have over ten years of experience in generating insights and community intelligence in public services, including healthcare and social care.

We support local residents to gather and analyse community insights and work together with stakeholders -including local Healthwatch, NHS trusts, primary care alliances, commissioners, local authorities and the voluntary sector- to design services to create equal outcomes for everyone. 

We bring local people's voices into all aspects of strategy, policy-making, commissioning and quality improvement by providing a solid evidence base of user needs and experience. We offer data-driven, community-informed solutions, using regular trends reports to measure progress over time, including a comprehensive look at the wider determinants of health and at inequalities between different groups. 

In this way, we empower policymakers and service providers to better understand local population health and the different needs of specific groups, in order to design solutions that genuinely respond to everybody's needs, leaving no-one behind.



Dianne Barham

Chief Executive

Dianne has over fifteen years of East London-based experience leading on community projects around local development and engagement with stakeholders including non-profits and statutory sector organisations.
She has an outstanding track record of successfully engaging with NHS trusts, primary care networks, local authorities and other key decision-makers with data-driven, impactful solutions and recommendations that make a real difference to public policy.


Raluca Terry-Enescu

Head of Insights and Intelligence

An LSE graduate with over ten years of experience in community engagement, research, and data analysis, Raluca designs innovative engagement projects and research instruments to inform evidence-based change in policy. She creates infographic reports, summarising large volumes of data in a user-friendly and memorable way.
Raluca is also leading on developing educational materials and training.
She has created E-learning resources on demographic data collection and MS Excel use in data analysis for Healthwatch England 


Aurora Todisco

Finance, HR and Governance Development Lead

Aurora is a financial specialist with 18 years of experience; knowledgeable about British and Italian accounting, banking and HR policies and procedures. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Primary Care Management. She is an active participant to the NHS Future-Focused Finance programme and component of the Healthcare Financial Management Association. She has received an NHS Leadership Academy Award from the Leadership Foundation's Edward Jenner programme and was a Women in Accountancy and Finance Finalist  in 2020.

Darren Morgan

Community Insights System & Products

Darren is the creator of our Community Insights System; he provides our clients with bespoke solutions for data management and analysis. He provides ongoing technical support, guidance and training to users of the Community Insights System.
He has been working with local Healthwatch for as long as Healthwatch existed. He has developed systems used by local and national organisations.


Ash Avasare

Community Intelligence Analyst

Ash is a MSc Public Health graduate with a focus on Policy and Epidemiology. She has a clinical and research background with a track record in conducting and leading research published in peer reviewed journals. Ash provides support in research and data analysis which includes collecting, organising and analysing data to draw meaningful conclusions and present the findings in a clear concise way. She also assists in creating infographic reports to communicate complex data effectively.