What we do- and what we can do for you

Local Healthwatch

Local Voice has extensive experience in running, managing and supporting local Healthwatch. 
We are currently commissioned to run Healthwatch Waltham Forest and we have successfully ran Healthwatch Tower Hamlets between 2010 and 2022; receiving a Healthwatch England Award and multiple High Commendations.

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What we can do for you:

  • Data management and CRM solutions;
  • Data analysis and infographic reporting;
  • Training and E-learning resources;
  • Support setting up  partnerships;
  • Support with finance and HR.

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Community Intelligence, service co-production  and public consultations

Our innovative approach to community intelligence has been highly influential in shaping public policy, improving local services and bringing the voice of local people to the table.

Our proudest achievements include:

  • Working with the Barts Health NHS trust to improve maternity services at the Royal London Hospital, from an Inadequate CQC Ranking in 2016 to Good with two Outstanding categories in 2019.

  • Informing the Covid-19 vaccination strategy across North East London, providing information about resident demographics.

  • Improving access to GP surgeries in East London by providing the GP Care Group with insights on people's experience with waiting for GP appointments and on accessing telemedicine.

  • Working collaboratively with primary care and hospital-based healthcare providers to understand complex patient journeys.

  • Informing Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) for the Tower Hamlets Council.

What we can do for you:

  • Running full-scale projects, from start to finish.

  • Gathering, aggregating and coding insights from a variety of sources, including surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups; as well as online reviews, social media, complaints/compliments and third party reports.

  • Designing research instruments such as questionnaires, interview guides and participatory appraisal tools

  • Organising an running public consultation events, service co-design workshops and other engagement events for local people and service beneficiaries.

  • Engaging with hard to reach or excluded groups, such as ethnic minorities, migrants, LGBTQ communities, people experiencing economic precarity, people living with disabilities or long-term conditions etc.

  • Data analysis, reporting and formulating recommendations.

  • Infographics, data visualisation and presentation.

  • Data-driven, community-informed quality improvement projects and workshops for stakeholders.

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Community Insights System and Data Solutions


Our Community Insights System sits at the heart of everything we do. A highly versatile tool,  it has been extensively used in all our major projects so far.

The Community Insights system is a CRM, data repository, qualitative coding tool and more- all in one, providing you with an evidence base at your fingertips. It lets you source any data, in any format – qualitative or quantitative; and generates reports with one click.

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What we can do for you:

  • Bespoke data management and CRM solutions.

  • Data upload and aggregation.

  • Data collection from sources such as online reviews, social media, user comments, compliments and complaints.

  • Qualitative data coding on a nationally recognised matrix, adapted to your specific needs.

  • Bespoke automated reporting; monitoring and evaluation.

  • Training in the use of the Community Insights System.

  • Ongoing responsive tech support.

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Training and expertise

We are experienced in sharing knowledge and creating engaging learning experiences for people from all walks of life, from influential NHS managers to local people with no previous experience.

We can also offer your organisation bespoke advice, consulting and practical support on aspects such as monitoring and evaluation, service provision improvement, HR and finance, based on our own extensive experience

What we can do for you:

  • Community research training for staff, volunteers and local people looking to carry out engagement activities.

  • Advice and training on research design, data collection, demographic data segmentation and data analysis.

  • Bespoke E-learning resources.

  • Data-driven quality improvement workshops for managers and decision-makers.

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