Helping you deliver a high performing local Healthwatch

Local Healthwatch are independent consumer champions for health and social care working locally; they are independent organisations; their purpose is to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services, to speak out on their behalf; producing insights on patient experience and bringing local people's voice to the table, to empower them to shape the services they use.

There are over 150 local Healthwatch in England, usually corresponding to each local authority. 
Healthwatch England are introducing new standards and ways of working to improve consistency.
We offer a range of tools, support and advice to help you achieve these new standards quickly and effectively. 

Meeting common data standards and sharing information with Healthwatch England

Our Healthwatch Award winning Community Insights System can provide you with:

  • Data standards that are based on the Healthwatch England compatible demographic data and common data standards. 
  • Guidance and e learning course to help you collect demographic data.
  • A common classification system. 
  • Data sharing agreement templates to enable you to work with other Healthwatch and statutory and voluntary sector partners.

We have been operating the Community Insight System across the North East London Healthwatch since 2019.  This has allowed us to unify our insights to have an impact on service design and inequalities we were recognised with the Healthwatch England Award in 2021 for ICS Collaboration

Working together with other Healthwatch to have a powerful voice

We can support you to:

  • Form partnerships with other local Healthwatch to collaborate, share data and effectively represent the different views of local people.
  • Develop data sharing agreements with other local Healthwatch and statutory partners.
  • Respond to community insights project opportunities from your ICS or other partners.

There are significant benefits in local Healthwatch within an Integrated Care System all using the Community Insights System.

Marketing and profile raising

We can help local Healthwatch to:

  • Implement Healthwatch England marketing/ public relations campaigns and deliver clear messages in plain English and community languages using a range of written, Easy Read and video tools
  • Get noticed – our acclaimed newsletters work equally well digitally and in-print. With accessible and professional design, they have diverse appeal and enhance both image and reach. Our newsletter compilation service is affordable and effective – we can source local and regional content at no extra cost.

We are familiar with developing Theory of Change models: 

  • With Healthwatch Boards, Staff, volunteers and residents to support annual work programme and key performance indicators, evidence measurements and staff work programmes. 
  • With stakeholders to agree project, activity, outcomes and impact.
  • To help track recommendations and identify the difference they have made and produce ‘You said They did’ reports and case studies that allow you  to demonstrate impact

Supporting you to deliver and report impact

We can help you to:

  • Develop and implement the HWE approaches to reporting your Healthwatch outcomes and impact.
  • Produce your Annual Report based on evidence, outcomes and the positive changes you achieve for people in your area. 

Under our leadership, Healthwatch Tower Hamlets became the first Healthwatch in London to achieve the HWE Quality Framework.

We have received three Healthwatch England awards for our projects and have presented our good practice at the Healthwatch England Board, Conference and with the Kings Fund and Kings College London. 

We achieved Trusted Charity Mark Level 2 in 2021.

Help you to get local people involved

We run resident based focus groups across North London. Known as ‘Feedback Panels’, they give local people, commissioners and service providers an opportunity to get together and scrutinise service related feedback. These remote or in-person sessions are popular, and highly effective at identifying trends and detecting equality, dignity and safeguarding issues.

Quality Framework, policies and procedures 

We can support you to:

  • Meet the Healthwatch England Quality Framework requirements
  • Ensure you have all the necessary policies and procedures in place and are meeting all of your statutory requirements. 

Finance, HR and governance

We can provide finance management and payroll outsourcing based on ten years’ experience of managing a local Healthwatch. The team supported one of the first Healthwatch to meet the HWE Quality Framework and we achieved Trusted Charity Mark Level 2 in 2021. We can support local Healthwatch to:

  • Achieve all of the requirements of the HWE Quality Framework
  • Put in place all financial and governance procedures to meet your individual Healthwatch needs.

Enter and View – Training and Programme Delivery

We have a long, proven track record of delivering training and supporting individual Enter and View programmes and projects. We can:

  • Tain your staff and volunteers, with a structured interactive class including workshops and handouts. 
  • Where practical, attend or lead visits, plus write the official reports. We are particularly experienced in Social Care (Residential and Nursing Homes, Supported Living and Housing), Hospitals (Urgent and Emergency Care, Wards and Discharge) and GPs.

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What we have been doing so far:

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Healthwatch Waltham Forest

Since May 2022, Local Voice has been running the local Healthwatch in Waltham Forest. We are bringing our tried and true innovative approach to representing the voice of local people in Waltham Forest and supporting service improvement.
Visit Healthwatch Waltham's forest website

Healthwatch Tower Hamlets

Local Voice has run the local Healthwatch in Tower Hamlets between 2010 and 2022. During this time, we have:

- Worked collaboratively and led a partnership with seven other Healthwatch in North East London, which allowed us to build a larger evidence base, carry out sophisticated demographic data segmentation and generate insights. The partnership received a Healthwatch England award in 2021.

- Established a data sharing partnership with multiple local stakeholders, based on our Community Insights System.

-Through data-informed recommendations and working closely with stakeholders, made tangible improvements to health and social care services. 

 High Commendations from Healthwatch England in 2018 and 2020 for our work on access to GPs and urgent care pathways.
Find out what made our time at Healthwatch Tower Hamlets so successful!

Various other local Healthwatch

Twelve local Healthwatch across England are currently using our Community Insights System as their primary CRM and data management system.

Our Community Insights System generates data that can be easily shared with Healthwatch England, in compliance with their latest taxonomy and demographic data guidance 
Find out More About our Community Insights System

Training for local Healthwatch

We have been commissioned by Healthwatch England to provide training to local Healthewatch staff on collecting and working with demographic data. This included multiple workshops, a guidance document and an E-learning resource.
Check out our Demographics E-learning Module!

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