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Nothing saves time and money, increases effectiveness and really delivers like a good information system .If your job is to acquire health or social care related feedback and produce hard evidence and insight, the Community Insight CRM is the only database package you need. Developed and refined over many years, the system is in frontline use at service user engagement organisations such as Healthwatch, across the country. 

Our Community Insights System can aggregate and code data from a wide variety of sources and formats,  create hard trends from raw feedback and deliver game-changing impact.

What makes our Community Insights System so great

  • It can quickly process information about health and care services, or general wellbeing; resulting in a large, robust evidence base at your fingertips.
  • It lets you source any data, in any format – qualitative or quantitative. 
  • It acquires online data, from social media and websites; as well as processing data from your own engagement or research.
  • It produces evidence based reports… at a click.
  • It shows trends across clinical and integrated care pathways, plus wider community settings - really joining the dots!
  • You can zoom in, to post codes, wards and PCNs, or zoom out to boroughs or regions; and see comparisons between different areas, providers or trusts.


The system is part of a wider database that can manage your enquiries, stakeholders and volunteers, and help plan activity. 
Not only that, it is fully customisable to meet your local needs and requirements. All drop-down menus are fully customisable –

 edit and search with ease!


Organise stakeholders (residents, groups and professionals) and create networks based on shared interests or demography.

Map communities (services, agencies, organisations and individuals), load email or postal contact lists, take notes and set flags.

Record demographics, including the nine protected characteristics and more.

Local post-codes are built-in, enabling pin-point signposting.

Produce automated KPI reports, drilling down into demographics and interests.

Get the most out of people by tailoring general participation, or volunteering roles to personal attributes.

Record general interests, skills, languages spoken and any special requirements.

Ideal for volunteer management and supervision – record availability, transport, DBS status and more.

Keep tabs on paperwork and applications.

Service Experience
Service Experience
Ease of input, coding and reporting makes it possible to process vast volumes of service experience.

Record individual stories and import data in bulk, such as provider PALS and Complaints.

Produce automated trends analysis reports on date, source, origin, service name or type, condition, commissioner, locality, cluster, keywords, or any combination of criteria. Run ‘league table’ style reports to identify best practice.

Monitor dignity, equality and safety/risk. Flag potential safeguarding incidents.

Keep tabs on what you do as an organisation – collectively, and at individual (staff and volunteer) level.

Record all significant activity, such as meetings, outreach and events, communication, research and reporting.

Organise events – record attendance, print registers, assign staff and volunteering roles.

Produce automated trends analysis reports on activity date, staff or volunteer members, activity name, core function, actions, objectives and status.

Case management
Case Management
Organise stakeholders (residents, groups and professionals) and create networks basedon shared interests or demography.

Record the enquiry in full, including mode, referrer, topic and user defined attributes.

Step in and out of ‘actions’ to view status, and provide structure to complex cases.

Produce automated trends analysis reports on case mode, type, referrer, topic, signposting destination and outcome.


One of the system’s many assets is the ability to produce reports, or retrieve service feedback comments, quickly and with ease. As well as containing only relevant data, the reports are clear, concise, and may be disseminated by professionals and lay people alike (the ‘what does this mean?’ questions will be reduced)!

Automated reports summarise your data in simple, informative graphs; but you can easily access the raw data in a tidy, user-friendly manner to carry out your own detailed analysis.

On demand, Local Voice can provide further bespoke data analysis, insights, segmentation and infographic reporting beyond what automated reports offer.

“If we don’t understand it in ten seconds, we won’t read it.” 
- GP Practice Manager
Example of infographic
with automatically generated charts:
GP surgery patient experience.

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Example of infographic
 designed by Local Voice:
GP online access.

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This is a good quality product that we would have to pay considerably more for, from other providers.
- Newham CCG
The reports are incredibly insightful, well presented, easy to understand and have led to real impact in terms of improving GP access in the borough.
- Tower Hamlets CCG


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the system be accessed remotely?

Yes, you can base it on a cloud server and access through any browser, or Citrix, a virtual desktop service.

Can it be operated by many people at once?

Yes, there is no limit on simultaneous access.

Can it be password protected?

Yes, this is strongly advised.

What is the underpinning technology (platform)?

The system uses Microsoft technology and is fully integrated with MS Office.

Are there manuals and instructional videos?

Yes, step-by-step guides are built in, we also have introductory videos.

What about GDPR?

The system is designed to enforce legislation, with relevant fields included, so that you can record consent to data processing correctly.

Is it compatible with other systems?

Yes, it is compatible with all systems adhering to Healthwatch England guidance.


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